Moments by Jessica Tedone

{June 6, 2011}   Jesse & Olivia

This couple is so in love and so beautiful together. They are just a gorgeous couple and so photogenic which made photographing them even easier.


{May 27, 2011}   London @ One Week

I wanted to try a newborn photo shoot and it was extremely difficult. The first day the baby was not sleepy enough. The second day the conditions were perfect, but the light was not. This was definitely a challenging experience, but love this baby, so it was worth it.

{March 13, 2011}   Kisha Maternity Shoot

{December 8, 2010}   More from High Fashion Shoot

I shot my model a second time and I just love them so much more then my first photo shoot with her. I had done her make-up, hair and I thought the lighting was much better. Even though this wasn’t chosen, I still love the photo.

{December 6, 2010}   A Girl and Her Dress

When a girl has on a dress she loves, it comes through in her entire personality. I saw this Betsey Johnson dress from an engagement session and could tell it made the girl wearing it so happy. Check out the rest of this engagement session at EnPointe Photography.

{December 6, 2010}   Using Headlights for Light?

I thought this picture of a couple backlit in front of a car was such a great idea. The photo was taken from EnPointe Photography and I found it to be something that I will be definitely trying in the future.

{December 6, 2010}   Through a Window

Looking through someone’s window is considered creepy by most people. Looking at a couple in love through a window might be considered risque. The way that Feather Love Photography portrayed this couple through a window is something I found to be unique and intriguing. I thought this was a great way to show a different perspective of a couple in love.

{December 6, 2010}   If I Could Shop Anywhere

Oh how I love Anthropologie. It has soft colors, vintage style and elegance wrapped up in one perfect store. I just love to browse through there to get ideas and be inspired for the one day I can walk out with an outfit without looking at the price tag.

{December 4, 2010}  

I have been obsessed with vintage clothing, jewelry and style even since I saw my grandmother’s photo album when I was 9 years old. I loved to watch Shirley TempleBarbara Streisand and Audrey Hepburn movies instead of cartoons. To this day, I still collect and wear many items that are vintage. This photo is from a 1940’s style engagement session in Canada.


Tumblr!! When I first went on Tumblr, I was really frustrated by it. It seemed that there were a lot of amateur and silly photographs on there. Now that we have been searching through it for almost two weeks now, I think it is so much fun. I love stumbling across amazing photographs and then “tumbling” them on so someone else can view them. I now view it as a treasure hunt and also a great way to help fellow photographers show their work through your own Tumblr site.

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